Thursday 5 February 2009

Chinese Democracy

Now although I was never one of those who was desperately waiting for the release of the 'new' Gun's n Roses album I did listen to it with interest. I was aware that my stance on Guns n Roses not being Guns n Roses unless they are the original line-up (Matt Sorum is allowed...) may look a little outdated if the long awaited Chinese Democracy was as awesome as it was supposed to be. Now it's taken me a while to write this because I have wanted to give it a chance and so when I say this it is from someone who has listened to it a couple of times I'm not sure it's very good at all. I have it on my internet radio station on shuffle so that I'm completely unprejudiced when a song from the album comes on and every time it does I think 'ooo what's this rubbish'. I think what really shows it up is having all other Guns tracks on shuffle as well. So for example this morning There Was a Time from Chinese Democracy was followed by November Rain... not really fair is it as no one can compete with Slash in the guitar stakes really.

The lyrics are still great, Axl being the only original member of the band left this is not so surprising. But it sounds like someone accidentally let Linkin Park or Staind into the studio and allowed them to mess around with the instruments a bit. I have to say it gets a reluctant thumbs down from me. xx

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  1. Well I was more than a little disapointed with it.
    After such a strong single release, I was expecting great things! But once I got over the first track "Chinese Democracy" I find myself skipping through the rest of the tracks in under 5 minutes.


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