Saturday 30 June 2007

Get a grip.

One of my post-holiday indulgences is to snuggle into a comfy chair in my room and read all the gossip magazine's that I've missed out on whilst being away (I know even if it's just been for a week). This time I had managed to forget how much some magazine's/writers put my back up. The majority of papers were showing various footballers weddings which were fine and as expected. However, some publications seemed to have completely lost the plot on weight issues and in fact just writing about it makes me pretty apoplectic.

You get five pages on 'Skinny Celebs'. This I can kind of understand - Amy Winehouse makes me worried now. If you see photo's of her during her first album she is so curvaceous and sexy. Now she looks like a snappable lollypop and there is nothing healthy or sexy about that (that ridiculous hair doesn't help - bring back the luxurious flowing curls). Showing these photo's of skinny stars may actually eventually shock people out of their crash dieting and eating disorders and seeing them being plastered all over the papers may say something to younger fans who may want to replicate them. But when you put these photo's next to ones of celebrities who have put on weight, circling their fat bits and writing ridiculous straplines about how fat they are is there any wonder that extreme dieting, anorexia and bulimia are rife? Now magazine was particularly offensive this time with Amy looking sticky next to a photo of Jessica Simpson taken from a ridiculous angle going on about how fat she had got. SHUT UP - having actually seen some of the people who work on these magazine's I can tell you there is a reason they are writing about people and not having their photo's taken themselves. All women know what it's like when you are slightly over your preferred weight. You usually feel 10 stone heavier than you are and it makes you unhappy - how would you feel if unflattering photo's were then bandied about the media in some sort of piss taking exercise. These magazine's have got to stop and have a bit of a rethink.

Having been outraged by this weight debacle I then had to read about how Jennifer Aniston's new relationship with Essex boy Paul Sculfor must be a publicity stunt because he was seen leaving her house carrying a Smartwater bottle, the brand that Jennifer Aniston endorses. I am in no way refuting that their relationship could be a publicity stunt - I haven't spoken to either of them so I wouldn't like to comment. However, him leaving with a bottle of water means that he was thirsty and Jennifer has a fridge full of water... BECAUSE SHE ENDORSES IT. That is all it is. Stop being so ridiculous.

Oh and while I'm ranting I'd like to give a big shout out to Victoria Beckham who recently said of bloggers "I think these people are pretty spineless, the way they hide behind pseudo-names. They don't really know what's going on in anybody's lives. They're just sad people sat behind their computers." Oh Victoria or should I call you 'Posh' - if you replace computers with the word microphone or famous husband you've pretty much got yourself down to a tee. xx


  1. Poor Posh is so deluded isn't she? She has turned into a right lollipop lady, what with that big head on her tiny body So she hates bloggers, if that is the case then why was she sucking up to the almighty Perez Hilton in her vapid documentary? . Hey was it not she who announced that she has never read a book? Hmmm.

  2. I know - I believe she tried to make out that it was meant as a joke. I felt rather embarrassed for her as she is known by her pseudonym and has such a disasterous music career that she effectivly owes her fame to the media via her husband. Sad.


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