Friday 22 June 2007

The Return of the Space Cadet

I'm back I'm back - and yes I know I've been exceedingly slack on posting but I seem to have left most of my brain in Ibiza and have spent the week basting myself in after sun whilst trying to remember what job I do, what side of the road I drive on and where anything north of King's Cross is. I was going to sit down and get writing last night after dropping Mr D of in Caledonian road (he's going on tour and I couldn't bare the thought of him navigating the tubes with bag and drums in rush hour). However, on arrival at my front door I realise Miss B and Mr D outside, keys inside. We eventually got in but only after having climbed onto our roof terrace and sat on the doorstep for an hour. I eventually got home at midnight and thought I just couldn't do the holiday justice at that hour so please be patient and I will get on it this weekend. xxx

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