Saturday 7 July 2007

Lucky Me

I was lucky enough to see Tori Amos play the Hammersmith Apollo on the 4th July which also happened to be Me and Mr J's anniversary, so as a double whammy, he bought me a delicious sushi supper before hand. I'd been in a bit of a decline as we originally missed tickets but thanks to Mr T we got guest list and so had great seats. The sushi was amazing, although has confirmed my suspicions that I'm getting slightly too attached to raw fish and meat.

As for Tori, she was, as usual, unbelievably good. I know that venues have great sound systems and acoustics deliberately but she is the only person I know who can physically and vocally fill an auditorium. She is also one of the few people for whom a seated show works. I am a fan of seated events because at 5'3" it's often a visual nightmare to go anywhere that you have to stand to see. But when you are sitting you inevitably get the urge to dance - or, as was the case here, you manage to find the most annoying people in the world to sit next to. Mr J was next to a couple who thought that rocking the seats and singing loudly and out of tunley along was funny. When ticket prices are around the £35 mark, other people trying to match their vocal stylings with Tori is not amusing. However, they were eventually told to put a sock in it and it really didn't take away the enjoyment of the evening.

But as always I left vowing to be more glam and try harder to make myself presentable. I think this feeling is partly due to me being flat-shoe-bound after the doctor pronounced the arrival of my second bunion. She does always look amazing though - no matter how kooky or what she wears. This time as it was a significant date she appeared first in a yellow/peach short and shirt combo with gold heels but then changed into an amazing glitter jumpsuit of the American flag... not many people could carry it off but of course... she can.

I don't think I'll go as far as the glitter jump suit just yet but I do need to spruce myself up definitely. I'm on a mission. I'll let you know how I get on xxx

Get Tori's latest album American Doll Posse here.

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