Wednesday 23 August 2017

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Urban Decay Naked HeatOne of the most talked about palettes of 2017, the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette sold out over and over and seems to appear several times a day in 'looks' on my Instagram feed. As its release coincided with the release of my latest child I assumed it would be a palette that would pass me by but one appeared in the post for me a week after I got home from the hospital and there's nothing like being trapped under a new born to make you desperate to get some new make-up on to your face.

Now I absolutely adore the original Naked palette, I always have one for me and one in my pro kit - I find the mix of colour and finishes incredibly inspiring and versatile and, with a primer, they do last all day. Although I like the other Naked palettes for me the original wins hands down and I'm not rich enough to be a palette collector so thats the one i buy. For a lot of people who have reviewed the Naked Heat palette this has gone straight to the number 1 spot for them. It's always strange to be writing a not-so-rave review for a product that other people seem to love.

The Naked Heat palette has a bit more too it than the other Naked offshoots which could be seen to be quite safe, and I like it's sort of go-big-or-go-home attitude but for me it's very much a one trick pony and that trick is ORANGE. Now I do really like this palette when I use it with others. If I just use this palette it doesn't quite do it for me.

Urban Decay Naked Heat openRegular readers will know that I have a massive pash for the Louise Young Essential Eye Palette (don't have it? Stop reading this and go and buy it). Partly because it can do absolutely everything which is very clever of it, and partly because with Sislet - the terracotta colour - Louise has created the perfect warm red/orange that can either be used at it's most orange extreme or warm up any eye so subtly you wouldn't know it's there.

Urban Decay Naked Heat is like Sislet has had babies and filled a palette but for me the outcome is too samey. No matter what colours I've used the outcome has been basically orange and yes for my green eyes this works very well but I always feel a little bit like I wish there was more to it. A few ashy toned browns to complement the warmer ones. I get complimented when I use it in conjunction with other palettes or products - I often use it with the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette which doesn't really have a warm colour in it and they go together really well.

This palette is a real social media artists dream come true - it looks lovely and you can create a really full on flicked eye that looks fab in a photo. If you are someone who is very much into that sort of look then this palette is great. The colour payoff is good (despite my swatches which are a bit wishy-washy) and although the powders rub up a fair bit in the palette they are quite nice to work with. If however, you are looking for a really versatile palette that will suit any outfit, any mood, any day then I honestly think you can skip this one.
Urban Decay Naked Heat Swatch
As usual with Urban Decay I find the shimmer colours in this palette the best - with their mattes I usually find I have better elsewhere and this is no different. However, again I find there is not enough distinction between them for me. With all the colours they actually seem a lot less varied when you are using them than they do in the palette. I also think that for darker skinned women the problem with the similarity of colours is just going to be accentuated.

Do I like to have it? Yes I do - I love make-up and another palette is always welcome even if I am going to have to move house soon to accommodate them. This makes my green eyes look greener and it's great to haver often hard to find warmer tones in my kit. Would I buy it? No I wouldn't. I can think of too many other palettes I'd rather own and although the shimmer colours in this palette are very pretty in terms of the matte colours I either own a lot of similar or they are colours I wouldn't wear on myself that much. This will probably go into my kit to see if it comes in useful when I'm doing something creative. It's worth mentioning that I am in the minority with this. Most people who review it seem to love it.

I will be filming some things with it over the next couple of weeks so keep an eye on here and on YouTube and Instagram if you want to see it in action.

What You Need to Know - Urban Decay Naked Heat
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