Wednesday 9 August 2017

Ilia Illuminator

Ilia Polka Dots & Moonbeams IlluminatorThe Ilia Illuminator in Cosmic Dancer was on my wishlist of products to try in 2017 and I was lucky enough to be sent a whole bunch of products to try from Ilia including the illuminators in Sway and Polka Dots & Moonbeams and I've used them both lots since I received them.

Though it's always lovely to be sent exactly the thing you want where's the challenge in that? When I first saw these two I thought I'd try them once and then formulate and opinion as neither would really suit my skin tone but, though I think Cosmic Dancer is probably the right colour for me I have worn the other two a lot. Polka Dots & Moonbeams probably does need skin darker than mine to show up - for those who want a silver-y highlight but Sway is a really pretty way to add a bit of bronzey shimmer to my pale skin and in fact is probably the most universal colour even though it looks scary.

Ilia Sway IlluminatorI've been really getting into Ilia this year as it's such a fantastic brand - ethical and cruelty free it still feels high-end and all the products I've used have been worth their price tag even if it's a bit steep. These illuminators are really easy to apply either straight to the skin or onto a brush first. I tend to draw it on and quickly blend with my fingers - if I have the time I'll put it on a fan brush for a more delicate finish. These Iluminators have a lovely creamy texture and this stays, they don't set (which some reviews seem to have a problem with) but I feel this gives a lovely natural finish to the skin and if you are worried about this moving during they day, which it won't unless you are a face toucher, then you can lightly set it with a powder highlighter or setting powder of similar colour.
Ilia Illuminator Swatches
Polka Dots & Moonbeams (top) and Sway straight from stick and blended

The price is a little steep considering you can get highlighters from pretty much every brand nowadays - you get 5g of product in great packaging so one illuminator should last you a long time. They aren't going to dry out and they shouldn't break. 

I think these illuminators look particularly pretty on the cupids bow, they are subtle and blend well so it doesn't look overdone. Sway would look lovely as an eye base. These are great for lovers of ethical beauty and/or cream highlighters. I just wish they were easier to get hold of in the UK - they aren't cheap and it would be lovely to try these before you bought them, that being said I will be saving up for Cosmic Dancer.

What You Need to Know - Ilia Illuminator

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