Wednesday 18 May 2016

Louise Young Lip Trio

Louise Young Red Lip Trio in Allure
Are you one of those people who can never quite find the right lip colour? I am. I have drawers full, full, of lipsticks that are just not quite right. Lovely, but never seem to be perfect. This was no longer a problem when I started using Louise Young lip trio's. Now I always have the right colour to suit my mood, whatever mood that may be. I am obsessed.
I've had Free Bird in my kit for quite some time - it's fantastic to mix for bridal and although I do have a palette I've made up of all my lipsticks I hate cutting a lipstick up and frankly I don't get much call for the more exciting colours anyway for brides anyway. MAC Impassioned anyone? At the moment it's bridal nudes and pinks or classic reds that I need and the Louise Young palettes Free Bird, Pin Up and Allure have all of these covered.
Louise Young Nude Lip Trio in Freebird
Free Bird
What I love about the trios is they work with one of my many make-up beliefs - that it is so hard to find the perfect lip colour because your mood, lighting and clothes change so often that your ideal lipstick preference does too. Yes there are colours that we love that will always do, but now you can just get the exact colour you want when you want it. With these palettes I grab the brush and create whatever colour I'm in the mood for - at the moment I can't get enough of Enigma, its flattering and spring like and goes with every make-up. Allure is just fantastic for those people who think they can't carry off a red lip - you can you just need to mix it yourself from this palette.

I've also found that the brush is the perfect shape to give you a really nicely defined line so most of the time, a liner isn't necessary. When going from handbag to change bag nowadays I usually just put in whichever trio is my current favourite and that's it.

Louise Young Pink Lip Trio in Pin Up
Pin Up
One thing that's always fantastic about Louise's products is the packaging. These lip trios come in a slimline case with a mirror in the lid and a fantastic little brush so you can have it in your make-up bag or in my case on it's own in my nappy bag or if you are a pro these are not going to take up very much room in your kit. If you took away all my other lipsticks and just gave me the full set of these I could create whatever look I wanted for work or on myself. If you are a make-up artist just starting out then some of these in your kit will cover a lot of eventualities.

I can't think of anyone these palettes would work for - the pro-artist, busy mum, someone in the office all day and night or a teenager wanting something versatile this is just such a fantastic product.

What You Need to Know - Louise Young Lip Trio
  • £22
  • 5 sets - Allure, Pin up, Enigma, Pout and Free bird
  • Available in the UK from Louise Young, Beauty Bay
  • Louise Young is a cruelty free brand

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