Monday 16 May 2016

Benefit The Porefessional - The Civilian Report

I am in constant battle with my nose pores. I’m sure no one else thinks they’re that massive but I feel like my face is a supermassiveblackhole of nose pores, just waiting to suck in all environmental foulness, getting ever bigger, till my face is nothing but one giant nose pore, scaring people and making them cry. 

Benefit the Porefessional primerThis product is very smooth and light and, unlike some other pore minimisers and mattifiers I’ve tried doesn’t feel like it adds another layer of product to your face – my pet hate – and rather just kinds of disappears into the skin ether, taking a good percentage of nose pores with it. It improves the appearance of my pores without erasing them so entirely that I looked like a plastic-faced Hollywood wannabe, but with a slap of of tinted moisturiser on top even by the end of the day I’m not delivering any significant shine, and nor are my pores snapping hungrily at any passing person.  


What You Need to Know - Benefit The Porefessional


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