Wednesday 4 May 2016

Goe Oil

Goe Oil Moisturiser and Body OilSome products fit in so easily with your life that you forget to review them - Gao Oil is one of these. I was given it by a friend who'd been to the US on holiday and had become obsessed with it, as did I. It went into my washbag and every time I use it I think 'I must review that' and then forget. Well review it I will.

I rather absent-mindedly assumed this was the latest cool Korean product she'd just happened to find in the US but Jao brand are actually from Pennsylvania and Goe stands for Garden of Eden - a little insight into the idea behind this wonder product. It's been a decade or so since everyone fell in love with Paw Paw oil and Goe is a very similar product though, if possible, even more multi-tasking. I have used it as a body moisturiser, on my dry skin patches that would have become eczema, as an eye make-up remover and a tamer of frizzy hair and apparently it can also be used as aftersun. The reason it went straight into my washbag is that it means you have every eventuality covered in one tube; cracked heels, rough cuticles, eye make-up remover, tame flyaways, moisturiser, soothing shave-rash, chapped lips or nose from a cold. This will sort out all of these and more. And it's incredibly cool packaging makes it acceptably unisex.
It is 'semi-solid' meaning a little will go a long way. Use a small amount and warm it in your hands, it should be easily absorbed, if it's not then you are using too much. It has a high concentration of Jojoba Oil which was originally used by Native American's to treat sores and wounds. It is non-toxic, non-allergenic and won't clog your pores and is chemically very close to human sebum which protects the skin. Other ingredients include Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Rosehip Oil, as well as Chamomile to calm irritated skin.

I love this product - a really great present for anyone.

What You Need to Know - Goe Oil

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