Wednesday 23 September 2015

Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex

I've tried a lot of hand creams. And in fact it wasn't so long ago that I was evangelising about La Roche Posay Cicaplast Hand Cream and saying it was my new favourite.

Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand CreamWell that didn't last long did it. I still really like it but my god, from first second the Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex hand cream hit my skin I was completely in love. It had an immediate effect on my hands an they still look younger even though I haven't used it for four days. By younger I mean smoother, with more of a glow and generally healthier looking. Ever since my friend Lucy ('Hi Lucy' *waves at Provence*) said she never did the washing up without gloves because it made your hands look old I have been pretty obsessed with not letting my hands age. I'm going to send her a tube of this asap (coals to Newcastle I know, when she is living in France, but still)...
I should also say that I love the packaging, it's sort of soft-touch with mostly white with a flash of bright pink - classy and modern. It also smells nice, important for a hand cream I always think almost citrusy but not quite. It has been one of Boots number one selling hand creams and I can absolutely see why. Very, very good and lovely to be able to get it on the high street.

I suppose I must come to terms with there being a lot of very good hand creams available... and this is certainly one of them.

What You Need to Know - Hand Chemistry Youth Complex

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