Thursday 24 September 2015

Dove DermaSpa

Years and years ago Dove Spa sent me some products and in it was a big tub of whipped body moisturiser that was (and is) without doubt one of my favourite moisturisers ever. Then they stopped making it. I've kept the remaining bit of my last pot for years using it only when I'm feeling particularly dry and crispy I would use it. As a treat.

When companies stop making things, or go out of business altogether, it can be a nightmare for those who really love their products (why oh why didn't I stock up on MyFace MyMix Foundation when I had the chance? By far the best high street foundation there's ever been). So I'm really excited to be trying out the new Dove DermaSpa range. I have incredibly dry skin on my body so a good affordable moisturiser is a must and I have high hopes that the Goodness Body Cream will be similar and as good, if not better than the whipped body moisturiser I loved all those years ago...

Dove's DermaSpa range uses Cell Moisturisers technology which improves the condition of the skin barrier and is, they say, much more effective than the glycerin used as a primary moisturiser in a lot of other products. Within the range there are three collections each targeting different areas.

The Goodness range is more for normal to dry skin and includes a body oil, body cream and hand treatment. Containing omega oil from sea buckthorn the aim is to replenish skin's barrier and smooth it's texture to leave it luminous and soft.

Uplifted+ is, as the name suggests for those wanting a bit of added firmness and includes a firming lotion, body oil and massaging body roll on. Regular readers will know that I'm dubious as to how much firming a cream can actually due but I'm at prime wobbliness for trying these out at the moment so I will let you know how I get on. The aim of this range is to nourish and restore your skin's natural elasticity and leave your skin feeling firmer.

The final collection is Summer Revived which contains natural tanners and Cell Moisturisers. In two shades fair to medium and medium to dark, this should give you a rich healthy glow. There is a high level of glycerin here.

Each product will be reviewed individually as and when I try it out...

What You Need to Know - Dove DermaSpa Range
  • Available in the UK from Superdrug, Boots and Asda. 
  • The Uplifted+ Massaging Body Roll-On is exclusive to Boots until January 2016
  • Prices range from £4,99 for the Goodness hand treatment to £9.99 for the Uplifted+ Body Oil

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