Monday 9 February 2015

Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal Palette

Now before I start this review I would like to say two things. Firstly, I do not like posting negative reviews, however I keep seeing good reviews of this and I actually think writing positive blog reviews of a not very good product goes against the point of writing a blog. I am writing from the perspective of a working make-up artist and a blogger of nearly a decade so I would like to think I have some knowledge behind my opinion. Secondly, I have heard some fantastic things about their eyeshadows and pigments which I am definitely going to go out and buy and review here.

So, here we go. Getting a good high-street available and reasonably priced concealer is tricky. Getting one the right colour is even harder so I can see why a palette is appealing. And when you first look at this the range of colours is great. The packaging is lovely, doesn't seem to have any bits that are going to snap off and my son has dropped this a couple of times and it's still in one piece - I love a chunky palette and the whole thing doesn't look very high-street at all.
Makeup Revolution Cover and Conceal palette in Light swatch

The quality of the concealer however is not very good. I would think the only reason you would need a palette with eight concealers is if you were a working make-up artist and this concealer is just not up to professional quality, frankly for me it is not up to personal use quality. The texture is almost grainy and the coverage is barely there. Barely there. It would be fine for good, young skin with the odd single spot to cover but that's about it. It's not buildable, and no, applying it with a Real Techniques brush does not make it go on better.

For personal use you need one or two concealers, not eight, to allow for change of skin colour and tone during the seasons and for different areas of the face and if you want high street then I really don't think you can beat Collection's Lasting Perfection or Maybelline's Better skin. As a pro make-up artist you need pro-products (though I do use Lasting Perfection sometimes) and no make-up artist I have spoken to (I was worried I was alone in not loving this product having seen so many good reviews) would use this, even on themselves. I've done a quick review of this here so you can see it in action.


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