Wednesday 4 February 2015

Lush Big Shampoo

This is the first Lush product I've tried in ages and in fact the first ever from their haircare range. Recommended to me, I was initially slightly dubious about Big, my hair does lack volume but is quite damaged and the thought of rubbing salt into it didn't seem like that much of a good idea. But I bought some H'Suan Wen Hua hair moisturiser at the same time (review to follow) so thought it would be worth taking the advice and giving it a go - I had a moisture boost back-up if needed.

Lush Big Hair
I'm so glad I didn't get put off - it's not volumising in the way I expected and it's not gritty either. Yes there are big lumps of sea salt in there and when you initially apply it you think 'this was a mistake' but it suddenly loosens up and feels really moisturising. Because it's a bit more expensive than I usually use and it's quite full on I tend to use a normal shampoo (Elvive at the moment) first and then this one after. You really don't need that much, and for shampoo the pot isn't that big so I'd start off with a small scoopful and see how you get on.

I was sort of expecting Dolly Parton hair after using it and assumed that the 'big' bit would override any condition but that's not what happened. Yes the roots of my hair stood up from the scalp a bit more (not as much as if I use a post-conditioning pre-drying root boosting mousse or spray) but it seemed more healthy and volumised all over. Whereas root-boosting sprays (the only way some of us can get volume) do just that, boost the roots whilst leaving the rest of the hair looking fine, I felt like my hair looked thicker and healthier and although the puffed-up (not frizzy) look did diminish slightly the next day it hadn't disappeared completely as it does with the majority of other big-hair products I have tried.

Lush Big Shampoo Close UpSo what's in it? Well sea salt as you can probably tell, which is full of natural minerals so it not only adds volume to the hair but it also cleans, softens and hydrates the skin removing dead skin cells without stripping too much of the natural oils. There's also fresh organic lemon infusion which works to flatten hair cuticles, adds shine to hair, cleans and degreases. Coconut oil to soften the hair, and lime juice which is an antioxidant.

I'm so pleased I tried this and I also decided to return to Lush after so many years. Great product from a great company.

What You Need to Know - Lush Big shampoo
  • £12.25g
  • 330g
  • Contains course sea salt, fresh sea water, toothed wracked seaweed infusion, extra virgin coconut oil...
  • Available in the UK from Lush
  • Available in the US from Lush


  1. I was just wondering if it would be worth it, I'll give it a try, then!

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