Wednesday 10 December 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas - Presents for Men

I thought this would be quite easy as I live with one but the one I live with said 'socks'... so I had the help of James who, it turns out is a compete encyclopedia of things to buy men. Thanks Jane! 

  • Gentleman’sTonic – Male spa and grooming. Lovely shaving and facial giftsets but they also offer grooming, massage, lifestyle and barbering treatments. I think The Hemmingway looks good. 
  • Stadium Tour – of their favourite club. You should be able to find this through the clubs website.
  • Track Day – for those with a need for speed you can set up a day at a race track. There are loads to choose from so probably best to google ones that are close to you.

  • Flying Lesson - something I could never get for Joe because his inability to multi-task but totally awesome for those who've always wanted to try.
  • A Days Shooting - and what I love best about these next three is you can choose somewhere that you just have to find some nice pub to stay in over night.
  • Fishing - I would get weather paranoia with this one so I'd book for summer which may seem like a bit far away for a Christmas present but a really lovely treat for those who are keen and don't get to do it as much as they'd like.


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