Wednesday 17 December 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas - Children

I love getting given clothes for my son but if you are getting clothes and you know what sex the child is then it’s a matter of taste what you get. Baby Gap, Jo Jo Maman Bebe, Boden, Polarn O. Pyret are all reliably good.

JoJoMaman Bebe Slipper Socks – I already have these foxes for Ned for his stocking. He loves wearing these all year round.(they also come in cows, monkeys, pink stripe, blue stripe, rainbow, snowmen and reindeer)

Usborne Big Book of First English Words – Ned loved this book even before he could talk because of the lovely pictures and busy (toddler-proof) pages, he still loves it now he’s talking for learning new words, pointing out things and each page is so detailed it never gets boring. 

Alphabet by Matthew Van Fleet – the first book that Ned loved and still loves 

Trotters sticker packs – Ned’s too small for a proper sticker book but he loves stickers. I bought him a plain excersise book and he loves to stick stickers in it but they aren’t that easy to find on their own. These packs are great and only £2.99 so a fab stocking filler for your own child or get with a fun plain paper book to go with the stickers for a friends child. Even if they already have stickers you can never have too many.

For slightly older kids...

Temporary Tattoos - great as a stocking filler and not to bulky if you need to post it. 

Map of the UK - my husband kept a similar jigsaw from when he was little and it's just lovely and easy to play with.
Carpenters Tool Box - Ned was given a plastic tool bench for Christmas last year and it's still one of his favourite toys and a major hit with all his friends. This looks like a lovely version.

Boden Hat and Scarf – I love these and Ned's now getting old enough to have in-put into what he's wearing and I'm sure he'd love these too

I’m as Big As Height Chart - this is so much fun as soon as the building work is finished on my house I'm getting one for my kitchen but it's of limited fun for me as I'm not growing anymore but lovely for children. Every house I've been to that has one of these the kids have loved it.

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