Monday 8 December 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas - The Foodie

This is often a great way to go if you have to buy a present for a boy you don’t know that well or who doesn’t want much (brother-in-law’s spring to mind). Or as a house gift if you are going to stay with someone - I find booze is always a happily received house-gift. Thanks for the help Bree!

  • Gin – If you know someone likes a gin and tonic then not only is this a great present for Christmas but it’s a very good house gift if you are going to stay with them. Blackwoods vintage dry gin or Twisted Nose Gin – from Winchester so I'm in favour of this one - are both firm favourites with my gin swilling husband.
  • Ottolenghi - For the London based foodie these vouchers are great and can be used at any Ottolenghi branch (not NOPI) -
  • Wine Tasting Vinopolis is always a good bet. 
  • Cheese Tasting or Making - for those other cheese fiends. Neals Yard Cheese does cheese making and whole lot of different cheese tasting courses worth looking into. 
  • Butchery Course – the Ginger Pig is my one of choice
  • Lemon/Lime Squeezer – takes up space for the non-foodie, is a vital piece of kitchen equipment for the keen cook
  • Bacon Delivery - doesn't really need explaining. It's bacon. Delivered 

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