Wednesday 19 November 2014

The Best Pedicure I've Ever Had

Do not take this statement lightly. I would love to pretend to be one of those low maintenance women who can say they once got a pedicure because they got a free voucher. I'm not. I love pedicures and I will use anything as an excuse to have one. Pregnancy is the best I've come up with so far especially awesome that I literally couldn't touch my feet or get shoes on them past 6 months so I had to wear flip-flops and it would have been rude of me to not have nicely done feet as they were on show all the time. Even if they were three times their normal size and seemingly made of dough. I love manicure's too but can live without them but the bliss of having someone else deal with and rub my feet is something I find a necessity especially since having Ned. The bliss of an hour with a cup of tea and a magazine while technically doing something. I mean I can't wander around whilst my nails are being done. That would be silly.

My love of a pedicure does not mean that I get them regularly however, no no, my mostly-stay-at-home-mum bank account doesn't stretch to such luxuries on a regular basis but my sister and I decided it would be nice to treat my mum when she came up to London on her birthday in September. We didn't have a lot of time so a pedicure seemed like the perfect thing but where in Chiswick? There were a number of options and I left it up to my sister to books it having mentioned a couple of places I thought looked good. She chose The Beauty Lounge on Turnham Green Terrace and without knowing it we walked in to the best pedicure I've ever had.

I actually think it was a fab place to choose for a birthday as it looks pretty lovely and chic but that's not what was so fantastic. What makes this place worth mentioning (let it be noted I don't review every beauty treatment I have on this blog) is that we had our nails done on September 13th and I eventually removed the nail varnish on November 8th not because it needed it - there was not even the smallest of chips - but because my nails had grown so much there were huge half moons of pink toe showing. I suppose I should have left it on to see just how long it lasted but I can't bear bare toes. I had cut them and still no chip. That is amazing longevity of polish and therefore value for money. And it wasn't just me - my mum came to stay and said 'is your toe nail polish still on?' she'd been on a beach holiday and hers was still going strong.

The pedicure itself (we had the Beauty Lounge Pedicure) wasn't the cheapest at £35 for an hour but this was properly done even without knowing how long the colour was going to last. There's a lovely range of Essie and OPI colours to choose from (I took my own from Butter London) and your feet are soaked in lovely hot water - so often it can be tepid-cold which is hardly relaxing or I would have thought very helpful at softening the skin. I am also a big fan of the use of those terrifying razor-blade things rather than a file - such is the dryness of my feet - but they used a file and got my feet completely smooth. The massage was done properly and for long enough and the colour perfect, beautiful and long lasting. 

If you are in West London and want to go somewhere were they really know what they are doing, have incredible service and long-lasting results go to the Beauty Lounge on Turnham Green Terrace.

p.s I spoke to my mother about writing this post and she said she eventually removed hers on the 18th November because the regrowth was more than the colour and there was still not a chip to be seen. She confirms it to be the best pedicure she's ever had.

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