Wednesday 5 November 2014

I will be doing some Christmas gift suggestion posts...

I always always get asked what to get people for Christmas so this year I thought I would do a few posts with my gift ideas for different kinds of people from make-up addicts to your mother-in-law, book lovers to the outdoorsy types - I’m hoping there should be something for everyone here. It’s been really tricky to do so I’ve tried to do a full range of ideas for each topic including stocking fillers to the rather more extravagant presents and, unless otherwise stated I’ve stuck to things I’ve tried and tested myself (or someone I know and trust has recommended). The last post is going to be what I’d like – this may seem like an extravagant hint to my husband (Hi Joe) but in fact it’s a list of things that I as a woman in my 30’s with 2 dogs, 1 child, (currently) 1 husband, living in London and an enthusiast of lots of things would like and make-up/beauty products that I haven’t tried. 

There was going to be a post every day in November but then I remembered the above list of dependents and didn't want to die from blogging so the posts will go up as and when they are ready and I'll also add to them if anything else springs to mind so if you need to find them you can just choose 'Christmas Gift Ideas' from the tag list on the right!

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