Monday 24 November 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas - Skincare

These would actually be great presents for a girlfriend/sister-in-law/sister… the list goes on but I always get a bit scared giving skincare products to people I don’t know love it, in case they think I’m being rude… again. With the make-up suggestions I wanted there to be something a bit special about them – the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar packaging is wonderful and the price prevents a lot of people getting it for themselves – but with skincare you need to get something that is going to work. So that’s what I’m suggesting. 

  • Emma Hardie Amazing Face – there's a great Emma Hardie gift set that will be in the gift set post but this cleansing balm is a permanent fixture in my cupboard and everyone I have recommended it to loves it. Not that easy to track down on in shops (Space NK stock it here) so a fab present for those who aren't too keen on Internet shopping.
  • Ole Henriksen Truth Serum – another brand that will feature in the  gift set post but their Truth Serum is a wonderful gift on it’s own. Available in three sizes the smallest 15ml one is only £18 so is great if you are doing what I like to call a ‘random boy purchase’ this could be the one to go for.
  • Origins – One of the brands I have been consistently using for over a decade. It’s hard to whittle it down to one recommendation as it depends on what you are looking for so here are my suggestions for exfoliating, dry skin, the traveller and a more general day cream. I’ve tried, re-bought and loved them all.  Never a Dull Moment – I usually use acid toners to gently exfoliate a couple of times a week but every now and again I use this and love it for it’s natural ingredients and incredibly gentle but noticable exfoliation. Make a Difference + - my go-to moisturiser for the winter months when my skin is dryer this works a treat and smells divine. This range also does a night cream and variations suitable for all skin types. The All Purpose High Elevation Cream – the moisturiser to get for those who travel a lot. I take with me when flying as it does everything and is so deeply moisturising that you can feel it (in a non-oily way) even after you’ve landed. A Perfect World – If I need to buy a moisturiser in the spring/summer I’d go for this one (it is available with an SPF25 if you want) it’s lighter than the Make A Difference so if you are buying for someone with normal skin this is the one to go for.
In terms of things for the body I am finding it difficult to find products that I love enough to recommend as Christmas presents but I've got some and I've had a bit of help.
  • Ren Body Oil - as recommended by my friend Bree who says this feels really luxurious and even though it's an oil doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy.

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