Tuesday 17 June 2014

Millie Mackinstosh for Nip + Fab

As I've got older (8 years older since starting this blog!) I've tried to get more positive. I keep negative reviews to a minimum and no longer feel the need to rant about celebrities in quite the same way. Well all that's on hold for the moment. This isn't a rant but I'm just a bit surprised and disapproving of the announcement that Millie Mackinstosh is the new face of Nip + Fab.

I love the Nip + Fab products I've tried and when I get asked to recommend anything that's remotely firming or toning I always suggest trying the Nip + Fab products because I think they are the only ones that remotely work and they are not that ridiculously priced. Indeed they are creation of Maria Hatzistefanis (who also created Rodial) as the premium skincare range that everyone can use. More expensive than a lot of things but still in Boots and at manageable prices.

So I think having someone who has some quite extreme views about weight, dieting and body image is a bit of a disappointment for a brand I felt were really doing something different. Make-up and beauty is a popular topic for teens and any in the know or who have heard of Rodial will know that Nip + Fab is from the same stable and frankly if I had a teenage daughter I would be doing everything in my power to explain to her why she should not want to be like Millie Mackintosh. I don't watch Made in Chelsea, I'm sure she's a very nice person (I love Prof. Green so I trust his taste in women) but thigh-gaps, Instagram pictures to show weight-loss and this aspiration to be as thin as possible terrifies me.

Yes, yes I know she works out and eats healthily but the continuing pictures of her weight-loss progress. Admirable in one who started off with a lot of weight to lose, anxious-making when the before pics start to look nicer than the after. 

Also surely MM has no need for the body products, there's no flesh left on her?

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