Tuesday 3 June 2014

Bronze Buffer

Bronze BufferI think even if you are passionate about something there are always certain aspects of it that you are not into. I'm passionate about make-up and beauty but I'm just not into tanning. I do use fake tan but the only one I have ever found that I like is St Tropez Gradual Tan Mousse and I don't buy anything else. I've tried others, don't like 'em, stick with what works.
This lack of interest also means that I'm not that good at applying it. Sometimes it looks great, sometimes it's a bit streaky and sometimes I have the dreaded orange patches on my feet (only when I want to wear revealing shoes though obvs).

I know I'm not the only one. My sister phoned me a couple of weeks ago for advice on a fake tan disaster (used a spray two nights before a wedding, looked like a tiger) and I wish I'd had the Bronze Buffer to lend her. I can't really see why everyone who ever uses fake tan doesn't have this. You never have to worry about streaks or orange patches ever again.

This little star shaped buffer when wet, removes streaks, patches, tones down colour, and removes build up. It fits between fingers and toes and when it's dry removes deodorant from clothes. I wasn't that optimistic as I gazed down at my orange feet, I assumed I'd have to scrub loads or it would in-fact remove all the fake tan scrub by scrub but a tiny bit of light rubbing and everything was evened out and looking incredibly natural. If I can use it anyone can. It's small enough to fit easily into your make-up or washbag to take on holiday and they last a really long time.
The only down side to this is they feel like sponge and I hate the feel of sponge but I know I'm in a minority here.

It's £10 for two sponges from Beauty Mart (one for home, one for in your washbag) and it will take away all fake tan anxiety.

Hurrah for the Bronze Buffer - if you use fake tan then get this.

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