Thursday 26 April 2012

Origins All-Purpose High-Elevation Cream

I cannot believe I haven't reviewed this yet - I used it as my moisturiser for the long flights to and from (and in) South Africa and it is just fantastic. The majority of my carry-on luggage is makeup and moisturisers but in future this is going to be the only moisturiser I'm going to take.

Everyone knows that flying is incredibly dehydrating but planes are also not exactly the best place to keep constantly moisturised. Never having tried the High-Elevation cream before I took all sorts of other moisturisers - Liz Earle's Super Balm and Face Moisturiser to name but two and as lovely as these are I didn't even get them out of my plastic freezer bag. Our flights were 6 hours to Dubai and then 8 hours from Dubai to South Africa I was expecting to be like a shrivelled old prune by the time we landed but using this cream once or twice per flight not only was I still completely moisturised when we landed but I kept my tan on the way home. I even managed to make my husband use some and because it was so easily absorbed he hardly complained at all!

This is a rich, non-greasy cream that can be used anywhere on the face and body and it's not only for when you are flying - it's great for helping out dry patches when you are on the ground; many people seem to use it instead of a regular handcream. This fast-absorbing emollient contains sunflower oil and Shea butter is calming and soothing, didn't aggravate my eczema and even though it is non-greasy you can feel it on moisturising your skin hours after using it. For £21 this is a no-brainer xx

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