Monday 30 April 2012

Leo Bancroft - Ultimately Intense

I wasn't too familiar with who Leo Bancroft was but it turns out he's the nation’s favourite hairdresser. Winner of Channel 4’s ‘The Salon’ he has a regular slot on This Morning and is hairdresser to the Chelsea and England football team, among other famous faces and now he's launched a new collection which at the moment includes moisture masks, colour care shampoo, dry shampoo, conditioners and will eventually have hairbrushes and other tools to add to the growing list of wonder products. 

Leo Bancroft Ultimately Intense deep moisturising hair maskMy quest for something to smooth and repair my dyed frazzled locks led me to try out Ultimately Intense a deep moisture mask  which describes itself as 'pure TLC in a tube'. It brings damaged hair back from the brink, leaving it silky, shiny and soft.

Like most hair masks you need to leave this on for a while, 15 minutes to be precise, ideally under a shower hat, but as it's so thick this is actually a lot less arduous than some masks I've tried, it doesn't seem to drip down my neck for the whole time. Rinse it out and dry as normal (the instructions say blot dry but I need a hairdryer to add a bit of volume).

Leo’s recommends: “Try this bliss-out treat. Cover conditioned hair with a shower-cap and blast with a dryer for super-silky results.”

Now when I first used this I did so on a day when I wasn't going to see anyone because it's so thick I assumed it would make my fine hair limp and stuck to my head. I was very happily surprised to find it doesn't - I was still able to get volume into my hair and it stayed there. It also smells gorgeous which really helps.

I've been recommending some cheaper hair products recently because in these money-tight times it's hard to spend money going to the salon all the time but I think this one really wins - it's available at Tesco's and is £2.50. £2.50 for 150ml of anything at the moment is a great price but for something that works so well and will last you a while - I think this is a once a week treatment - it's silly not to try this out. 


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