Friday 27 April 2012

Early Pregnancy Life Savers

OK so I can finally say that I'm pregnant and although I'm determined that this blog isn't going to become all about pregnancy and babies, if there are any products that I find are particularly good for a lady in my condition I will put them up on here. For more baby-related things I'll be putting that on Blue Sky and Bunting.

Oilatum Natural Repair face cream
There have been a couple of products and brands which have helped to make the first three months more bearable. I wasn't actually sick but had about a month and a half of feeling nauseous all the time and having to lie very still. My eczema has become unbearable and my face is a mass of spots. Luckily I've been given some creams for the doctor for the eczema but for everything else I was on my own so here's what's been helping me out.

Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream - I'm sure I've reviewed this separately (it's fantastic) but this has really come into it's own in the last three months. People say my skin has been looking amazing - that is completely down to this moisturiser and some very good concealers.

Jemma Kidd Shadow Quartet in Metallica
Jemma Kidd Shadow Quartet in Metallica - A friend got this for me for my birthday and I love it but don't use it as often as I should but this has been just fantastic as a lovely, easy to apply eye base for when I just can't be bothered to spend ages on my makeup.The bronze tone gives a really nice subtle shimmer with quite a natural tone so is great on it's own with a little bit of mascara.

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter - I will do a proper review of this soon but believe the hype. This has been fantastic for keeping my skin nicely moisturised - I use it on my arms and decolletage after my bath in the evening and can still feel it moisturising in the morning.

Butter London - these 3 Free nail lacquers are the healthiest way to have beautifully done nails when you are pregnant and at the moment my nails are the only bit of me worth looking at! Post coming soon.

Chanel Pro Lumier - I've been using tinted moisturisers most days but when I've had to go out, this is the foundation I've been using. Awesome, professional level coverage means that my blemishes are completely hidden and I feel confident even though I know underneath I'm looking spotty and washed out. They don't do this anymore but try Perfection Lumier or Vitalumier instead.

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