Wednesday 21 September 2011


A couple of months ago I raved about Kerastase products which had really helped my dyed, damaged hair. However, Kerastase is a hard habit to keep up when you are going freelance so I was really excited to be sent some Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner to try out. Now, I've been sent hair products before that are supposed to help my hair and so far nothing has even come close to being as good as Kerastase or even doing anything but making my hair a bit fluffy.

Not so with Ojon - people have commented on how good my hair looks and although I usually hate it, I feel slightly like it coats my hair but rather than making it lack volume this helps it keep it's shape and so I've been using my straighteners less and less which means I'm not damaging my hair as much with them anymore either.

These products are rich in essential lipids and the Ojon oil repairs and seals damage hair, restoring shine, softness and manageability. Using naturally-derived raw ingredients found in the world's rain forests, responsibly sourced and providing an income to those who harvest them, a portion of the Ojon revenue goes to the Miskito Indian tribes to help preserve the rain forests and their traditional lifestyle.

As I mentioned before this is not a light product, it does feel like your hair is slightly coated so I spend a bit more time making sure it is really rinsed clear but I no longer need to use frizz ease or other restorative products and find that usually my volumiser still manages to give my hair it's usually body, but I think they probably aren't for everyone especially if you have fine hair.

Unfortunately there is a down side - the shampoo and conditioner range from between £20-£22 each which was not going to be the amazing cheap alternative I was hoping for. The only thing I can think is that by using this shampoo and conditioner I'm saving money on frizz ease and other heat and damage control products that I no longer need. I still think this is just too much for shampoo though no matter how good it is. But honestly I just don't think I can afford to use these even if they are great xx


  1. Can you recommend any affordable shampoo's? I am struggling to find one I love

  2. Hmm. £20 too expensive. Any goodies that are much cheaper for dry blonde hair? x


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