Wednesday 14 September 2011

Elie Saab Perfume

I always wear the same two scents - with the occasional half-hearted dabble elsewhere, so it's quite hard for me to ever make my mind up when I'm trying something new. My overwhelming reaction for the first five hours of wearing it is 'IT'S NOT MINE IT'S NOT MINE' so I've kind of given up on the whole new scent thing except the odd dalliance with Reve Gauche because it smells soooooo good on my mum.

However, I've kept smelling my tiny tester of the new scent La Parfum by haute couture designer Elie Saab and I wanted to try it so much that today I succumbed and I'm wearing it and I really like it. What I think I find so appealing is it has the feminine floral tone of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique but it's more woody which makes it less sickly. You can smell the jasmine, cedar and patchouli and I would definitely trying this out for a day and seeing if it could be your new smell xx

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