Thursday 15 September 2011

Bling Tones

I'm a bit of a stickler for red nail varnish as you know. I do try other colours sometimes but I usually go straight back to the red. Now this isn't some big announcement about my conversion to green nails but I was pretty mesmerised when I tried out Limelight lil'bling nail colour part of the new, highly metallic nail varnish range from MyFace cosmetics.

Now this nail colour was one of the few I've worn that made me really think about what I was going to be wearing but this would be the most perfect colour for those green-nail occasions. It's only £5.99 and stayed on pretty well for a week, was easy to apply and you get the amazing chrome finish with just two coats.

If you think green may not be quite up your street they also do loads of other colours including white, tangerine and raspberry. For those who like their nails to give a real bling punch this is the varnish for you xx

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