Tuesday 7 June 2011

MyFace... No Really MyFace

I started noticing MyFace cosmetics around the place. There's a small selection of it in Hammersmith Boots and well because it was Hammersmith Boots I didn't think too much about it. But it did look inviting so I had a look on the good old tinternet and realised that far from this being another cheapy brand of fall apart products this was a new range devised by famous make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury in three basic colour ranges - fair, medium and dark. Each of these has a range of three shades within them 01, 02 and 03.

This does seem to be a bit of a tricky concept - I mean surely we can't all be slotted into one of these categories. Well actually I think we can. Or at least I can! I've been using their fair MyMix Foundation in Fair 02 for the past couple of weeks and not only do I love the way it is so incredibly easy to apply but I've had lots of comments on how great my skin looks. It's fantastic that someone as well known and established in the business has come up with a concept that is affordable and actually works.

I am now desperate to try their Vintage Pink Lipstick and wishing I hadn't vowed to my husband that I would be frugal for the whole of April. xx

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