Saturday 25 June 2011

Charlotte & Co Lovely Lavender

Lavender in it's natural form makes my eyes water... it's fine in soap and other things but actual lavender does make me stream so I tend to avoid it. I do know that it has incredibly soothing qualities though and as someone who doesn't sleep fantastically well at the best of times I really wanted to see if this natural approach helped.

Charlotte & Co have come up with some sleep therapy goodies which me and my mum have been trying out over the last week and which we both think are really lovely. The Lavender pillow spray is our favourite - a really light smell that soothes you without you really knowing anything about it. What is extra nice about this is just adds a feeling of freshness to your pillowcase if it's been on for a couple of days. The really innovative Bath and Body Oil is also lovely although you need quite a lot for it to be noticeable in the bath but I love that you can use this in water or spray it directly onto the skin which is fantastic to have in your washbag on holiday.

There is also a gorgeous soothing eye mask which I have not been using in case it sets my eyes off but my mother says it is really lovely and gives a good bust of lavender scent before bed. What i think is great about this eye mask is that rather than hanging around during the day looking a little out of place you can either put this in a drawer to add fragrance to your clothes or put under your pillow to add extra soothing scent.

I think that apart for the versatility and beautiful packaging of these products the things I like most is that the smell is really soft and not overpowering - so often with lavender, and I think Rose, the smell can be nice at first and then really a bit much in the end. Highly recommended - a lovely reasonably priced present for a friend and I'm actually thinking of getting a couple of each to take as fantastic house gifts xx

1 comment

  1. I could do with some sleep.

    I think I'll get them all and use them all at once.

    Rip Van Winkle will have nothing on me


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