Wednesday 8 April 2009

Hen Do

Have just had the second day back in the office after my absolutely fantastic hen do. Last Wednesday Miss D and I drove to Blakeney in Norfolk to prepare for the Friday arrival of my other hens. We both had office lurgy so we literally ate and napped for two days. It was fantastic. On Wednesday I thought I would spend the entire weekend thinking about work but by Thursday lunchtime I was so relaxed. I haven't had five days off work in ages.

Everyone arrived late on Friday - Miss F and I had managed to wake up long enough to put chicken and jacket potatoes in the oven! The next day we walked on Holkam beach (used in loads of films!) and went to The Jockey in Burnham Market to have a sweep stake on the Grand National. When I got back to the cottage the girls have set out a beauty bar with nail varnishes, face masks, foot soaks, toe separators, the works. Miss J had made a huge banner (which I've not got up on the wall in my flat). It was hysterical we all sat with our feet in bowls and face masks on, painting our toenails whilst eating smoked salmon nibbles and drinking pink prosecco.

We had champagne cocktails after getting changed for supper and I gave the girls their goodie bags I'd made. I'd got a bit carried away and everyone had a tailor made bag of grey cord with a lining to suit them. I've spent the last couple of weeks walking around with pin pricks all over my hands! I'd put fans, wild strawberry plants, lipgloss, small bottles of prosecco, and little red dog tags with their name on it. I felt so touched that everyone had taken a weekend out to come so I wanted to get them something.

Supper was fantastic my sister Miss J and Miss F had decorated the pub table everyone had place names and there were silver party poppers. It was so much fun. I had to play a Mr and Mrs quiz done by Miss M and I got presents for doing the right answer!! I haven't laughed so much in ages and the photos are ridiculous. When we got home we played hen do jenga. Miss F and Miss J had stuck labels on all the jenga pieces with names of drinking games, dares and silly things on. Was hilarious.

It was the perfect weekend - and I got given a photo album with loads of pictures of me and the girls in from over the years. Fantastic xx

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