Monday 30 March 2009

White Teeth

Having spoken to another bride-to-be I've decided to get my teeth whitened. She was really pleased with the results and I've always suffered from patchy, stainy teeth. As I've been using the wedding as a goal to sorting myself out I decided to give it ago. It's not cheap at £350 but you do get gum shields that you should be able to use for life and a plaster cast in case you need to make new shields for any reason. The whitening gel costs £15 a syringe and I find a syringe lasts 6ish days. When you start you get five syringes and a syringe of gel to stop any sensitivity.

And I'd really say I (so far) feel like I've got my monies worth. My teeth are looking so much better and I actually feel so much more confident about them (they're quite big!). They have been quite sensitive. I've been using Sensodyne tooth paste and have had two or three moments with serious sensitivity in one tooth. However, this was only for five seconds at a time and I used the sensitivity gel twice in all so it really hasn't been a problem for me. Now they've been whitened I've got to get to get the front filling re-done to match the new teeth (I fainted on concrete and lost half my front tooth). I don't hate the dentist but I really, really hate injections. I'm a bit nervous.

I've done it for a month so now I'm waiting to see how they even up. You have to wait for a week or so to let the bleach settle out of the teeth so you can really see how the whitening has worked. Really want to get the filling colour right - the less dentist the better I think. People have been telling me that my teeth look great (I'm a bit worried after watching a certain episode of Friends but I've been told I'm not there yet). So far so good. I have to say I'm really surprised that I'm doing this... it's really not the usual thing I do. And I'm so pleased it's working xx

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