Wednesday 22 April 2009

Two Weeks to Go

Right - the count down is officially on. We've got two weeks until the wedding. Got the dress, got the shoes, got the manicure and pedicure booked (thanks to Miss F the wondrous maid of honour). Having make-up practise with Miss M tonight (and using 27 Dresses and pizza as bribery for spending a sunny Wednesday evening doing my face! I cannot believe it's so close. My main fear is that it will be all over so quickly. I am however, incredibly excited at the prospect of a three week honeymoon in the sun. I have a stack of books ready to go into my suitcase, I've bought some Nicky Clarke heated travel rollers (yes I say it again Mr J is a lucky man) and my rather expensive new Tom Ford sunglasses. Now I just have to cram three weeks worth of work into the next two weeks to make sure I can have a guilt and worry free honeymoon. Wish me luck!! xx

p.s very successful jeans expedition in Topshop Westfield on Monday (yes went through the thighs of yet another pair of expensive jeans after five months which I just can't afford to replace). Accidentally bought some shoes and tops too. Whoops. Please let me know of any sturdy thighed jeans makers xx

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  1. Can't believe it is only 2 weeks to go - how exciting! Hope you enjoy every minute of it! xxx


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