Thursday 12 March 2009

Face Time

I don't think I've ever had a facial before. I'm trawling the dim reaches of my mind and nope I don't think I ever have. Apparently it is essential for brides-to-be. I was unconvinced but didn't want to be behind the curve and regret it later so I had a look on the internet for what other brides-to-be recommended and had had done. Dermalogica seemed to be highly recommended and I know the Mumma B loves it so I booked myself in at St James' Beauty. Again I found St James' by chance just by looking for Dermalogica facials on the internet and I was won over by what seemed to be the very (comparatively) reasonable £65 price tag.

The experience itself was fantastic. I got chatting with Rosie so it wasn't as relaxing as it could have been. That sounds bad. I was voluntarily chatting and it was very relaxing but it wasn't 'oh I think I just dropped off' relaxing. Which it would have been if I had shut up!! My face was cleaned, scrubbed, masked and moisturised over the course of the next hour and felt great when I left. I bought a sort of Dermalogica starter pack for £20 to continue the good work at home. Which I haven't started yet... I want to use up what I have now so that I can really see the difference with the new Dermalogica stuff but having realised that by that time I'll have been married for months I'm going to start this evening.

The whole experience was fantastic but what was really gratifying was that at least three people told me how great my skin was looking the next day. One girl even went away after chatting and came back to say 'what have you done to your face your skin looks amazing - it's glowing!'. So I'm now a complete convert to the way of the facial. I've got my next one in a month!! xx

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