Wednesday 12 November 2008

Pretty Polly

This may not necessarily be the time of year to be concentrating on your legs but I guess it is the time of year for tights and so, in a way, we will still be getting our legs out and we all need a little help when they have been deprived of the sun for... well basically all year. Pretty Polly have not only launched the new Pretty Polly Love Legs Prepare to Bare collection but they have taken it one step further and have staged a protest against cosmetic surgery on Harley Street. Models paraded down the road in tights lead by 'Coleen's Real Women' winner Sasha Parker. OK so they are models which means they are unlikely to need cosmetic surgery in the first place but taking over the streets clad only in skimpy tops and tights is one way of getting noticed! With short skirts, tights and boots being prominent this winter you've got to keep those legs looking presentable.

So for the last two weeks I've been using the Pretty Polly Lock in Moisturising Leg Oil (£9) which is lovely and actually very non-greasy for a leg oil. I'm not sure it is better than This Works Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil 120ml (£32) although I do think it is a little less greasy and is absorbed quicker but if your dry legs aren't that bad this is a fantastic cheaper alternative. This is great post shaving - use on slightly damp skin the mixture of coconut oil, passion flower and vitamin E not only locks in moisture but soothes dry skin.

The Rich Leg Mask (£9) - this is the only product of its kind. It contains hydrating clays and minerals to nourish and moisturise your legs. Use once a week and you can really feel the difference. And, its the perfect excuse to sit and read for 10 minutes!!

The Pretty Polly Secret Slimmer tights are amazing. I wore them to a wedding recently. Wintry wedding what do you wear? I found a great Audrey Hepburn style dress in LK Bennett which is knee length and has quite a lot of black on it. To avoid looking like I was mourning the loss of the groom to single women I wore natural colour Pretty Polly Secret Slimmer (£4) tights which are built to flatten your tummy. These were the perfect colour and thank goodness for the flattener. I bought the dress a couple of months ago and had definitely more tummy than before. Mr J admitted they were not the most ravishing he'd ever seen me in. In fact he made me stand in my nude tummy flattening tights in my nude seam free M&S underwear and nude bra whilst he rolled around laughing... thank goodness it's too late for him to retract the proposal!! The best thing about these tights was that I forgot I was wearing them they were so comfortable (and I usually hate wearing tights!).

I'm left wanting to try more - the Nourishing Leg Shaving Butter looks fantastic (you can use it on dry legs - perfect for when you realise that you haven't shaved just before you leave the house) and the Moisturising Exfoliating Leg Wipes which are great for a holiday. I've still got the Invigorating Leg Scrub (it can be also be used to exfoliate your back) and the Soothing Leg Gel perfect for energising tired aching limbs, at home to try so I'm looking forward to a winter of luscious legs. xx

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