Wednesday 5 November 2008

Good Choice

I have to say that to my own detriment I am not a big follower of politics. Don’t get me wrong as long as I am able I will always vote and in the run up to any elections I do make sure I am up to speed on who’s saying what. So I was surprised that I was as caught up in the American elections as I ended up being. Mr S came round last night and we ate chicken nuggets and watched the votes coming in and I did find it exciting and I was pleased that Obama will be the next American President. Although I do find myself being slightly doubtful of any promises in the back of my head (surely that’s what all politicians do when they want to be or have just been elected into office) I have more faith in Obama than my rational self would normally allow. I actually had a tear in my eye in the bath this morning whilst listening to the speech Obama made this morning. What triggered it? Obama thanking his wife ‘the rock of our family and the love of my life’ and telling his children that they had earned the puppy that would be moving with them to the White House. I don’t know why but that instilled more confidence in me then anything else because it reminded me of how normal he and his family are (even under the circumstances). Also its hard not to notice just how damn cool he is... Go team Obama xx

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