Monday 10 November 2008

Dry Skin Rears its Ugly Head

I've mentioned this before I have terrible trouble with dry skin bumps on tops of my arms and thighs. Thus far I have tried most kinds of exfoliators, oils and moisturisers to get rid of them and although I have succeeded in softening them up a bit after one day of lapsing they are back in force. I mentioned this whilst having a pedicure at Essence Beauty Rooms in Hammersmith and was recommended Environ's Derma-Lac Lotion. I nearly didn't get it as I have tried so many products that haven't worked and it is around £32 but I need to get this sorted out before I get married so I'll give it a go. I work close enough to the Essence Beauty Rooms to go in and complain if this doesn't work.

Its designed to treat rough, dry skin specifically feet and elbows and so far (fingers crossed) it really seems to be working. I've been using an exfoliating cloth in the bath and then applying the Derma-Lac with cotton wool. Although it was pretty pricey it should be used within 6-8 weeks so I feel that that's a fair trial period. After that I'm going to leave it for a week and see if they come back just as bad as they ever were. If they are reasonably fine still then I'm going to continue using this because so far the results have been fantastic. xx

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