Thursday 17 July 2008

Seeing the Wood for Floozies

What the hell is Ronnie Wood doing? In fact, no that's unfair, what the hell does Ekaterina Ivanova think she's doing. Meddling with an institution that's what. Ronnie is back in rehab having once again fallen off the wagon - no surprises there - and shacked up with a Russian 19 year old. All over the papers Katia's mother is cashing in claiming that nothing sexual is going on, now she's saying definitely something sexual was going on. Then that it's got nothing to do with his money whilst in the same sentence complaining that her 19 year old daughter is only getting £300 a day for modeling for his paintings. She is also saying how degrading it is for her daughter to have to pose nude and how Ronnie is taking advantage of her. One question for you - what the hell is your 19 year old daughter doing in an escort club (where she met Ronnie) if she is so damn innocent?

This whole sordid affair is ruining one of the most respected marriages in rock history. Jo and Ronnie have been together for 23 years - she's stuck by him through countless bouts of drinking and rehab and the occasional indiscretion of the trouser department, yet he is still stupid enough to lose his head over a 19 year old gold digger. Will men ever learn? Being with you for 23 years breeds a loyalty that no floozy will have. When the going gets tough the twinky gets going and then you'll have to slink back on your knees and hope that the woman who knows you for what you are can forgive you. To top it all off I think Jo still knocks spots of the Russian - Katia doesn't even come close.

Speaking of twinkies. Who remembers Sienna Miller saying that Daisy, the errant nanny who was all too tempting for Jude can't-keep-it-in-his-pants Law, had better watch out and hope that she didn't bump into Sienna in a dark alley. Its wonderful to know that Sienna has learnt from that experience. She has such empathy that she has no qualms about running about with Balthazar Getty who's wife has fled with their 8 month old daughter after pictures of Sienna smooching her husband have been plastered all over the press for weeks. Does she not realise that she is even worse than the nanny - Getty is not only married but a new father and all Sienna's weak bleating that they are just friends means nothing when coupled with pictures of her draping her semi-nude form all over him at every available opportunity. I know she took the Jude thing hard but she clearly learnt nothing from the experience at all. xx

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