Monday 28 July 2008

Inappropriate Behaviour

Maggie Thatcher - you either love her or you hate her... but does that mean that we should be discussing her funeral arrangements on the TV and radio whilst she sits at home still very much with us? How would you feel if people were discussing whether or not you deserved a certain kind of funeral whilst you were still around. How depressing. And all the while yet another person is getting stabbed for no reason. Surely there are more important things to be thinking about?
To get over it I had to go and buy myself Maybelline's new Define-a lash volume mascara - I love the original so am v excited about trying this out. The more volume the better! xx

1 comment

  1. Heya ! We have got in this moment the Chanel's Exeptionnal (for free !) so I should get it soon; vert excited with trying it out as well !


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