Saturday 5 April 2008


It's been a while but it had to happen sooner or later. No 7 have stopped doing my standard everyday fail safe eyeshadow. I thought it may be a temporary blip but no... it's still not appeared after months of patient waiting. I could take the hint that I'm just not trendy anymore but no - instead I'm determined to find a replacement. And not only have I done so but I think I've found better.

I loved the No 7 in Opal because it was silvery white without being too 80's and OTT and the replacement, Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow, well, it just looked too white and needs careful application but it's amazing. It says it will last for 12 hours but I have long ago stopped believing these kinds of claims but (and I hate to say this in case it jinx's it...) it seems to be true. I don't know whether during the day I manhandle my face or have particularly sweaty eyelids (I'd like to point out that they don't feel sweaty), but after a long day the eyeshadow is definitely... well, patchy. Not so for the Revlon. Having just looked in the mirror this puppy stays on - it's a dream come true. Now I just have to worry about when they decide that this is no longer fashionable. Then the hunt will continue. But for now I'd definitely recommend the Revlon ColorStay as a great eyeshadow for everyday use - whatever the colour! xx

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