Wednesday 2 April 2008


As soon as I had my hair cut off and dyed auburn I decided that although I am not a natural blonde I am in fact a blonde at heart... and a long haired one at that. Easter weekend was spent reverting back to being 8 and sitting on my mother's knee weeping whilst she attacked the disaster with curlers, straighteners and scissors.

It's not a disaster. A week and a half later I'm used to it but am having the slow realisation that although blonde's are supposed to have more fun the auburn in me wants to behave badly and go out all night. Which is nice but not great for my bank account, or the bags under my eyes, or the people who have to speak to me the next day, or Mr J who has to deal with remorseful phone calls and persuade me that I'm not really a bad person!

I've been getting used to the hair with the help of Maybelline's Define-A-Lash mascara. this actually does what it says on the packet. It's clump free and the ultra-flexible brush gives a great coat of deep colour. The last lot of Max Factor Masterpiece I purchased is really clumpy so a nightmare to use without a comb. Define-A-Lash is definitely it's new rival for my favourite mascara. xx


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