Monday 26 November 2007

Slow on the uptake

Miss F and I have finally worked out what was wrong with the James Brown shampoo and conditioner lids. Whilst we spent ages trying to force them off they actually have a very easy to use hole in the top which when you press on the sides and lift opens up so you can just squirt the shampoo directly into your palm. I certainly feel a bit thick for not working that out sooner. The new James Brown haircare range is also now available (and very reasonably priced) at Boots. But it was thanks to this slight mental hiatus that I started sneakily using Miss F's Soap and Glory Hair Supply (available at Boots). It's £6, lasts for ages and works so well that loads of people keep asking me if I've had my hair done. It's really good.

For those people that it is just impossible to get anything for I Lick My Cheese and Other Notes: From the Frontline of Flatsharing by Oonagh O'Hagen is perfect. I have to say that I'm not to keen on the presentation - the cover isn't very exciting. But once you've started reading it you just keep coming back for more. Originally from Glasgow Oonagh O'Hagan is an MA fashion graduate of London's Central St Martins, where she is now a tutor. She runs, on online community of flatsharers where notes continue to be donated. This hilarious guide to flatmates will strike a chord with all flat sharers and anyone who's been on the end of such notes as "You know, that I know, that you know, that you took it... so give it back" or "I needed that ham, really needed it".

I don't know why but I always manage to forget the Christmas 'do' clothing disaster. So many things are going on, the weather (as usual) is foul - what do you wear? My pre-Christmas weight loss program has gone out the window - I'm at least half a stone over weight so I've taken to wearing my favourite black Gap mini-dress which is the closest you can get to a fabric bin-bag. It doesn't cling to the fat parts but is a great length (mid-thigh) and sweet mid-length sleeves. But it's Christmas and black is hardly festive. Behold, the return of the bling hair accessories. You can go for full on tiara style or just a teeny glitzy clip to add some sparkle.

Topshop Rhinestone Star hair clips are really sweet and only £6 so a great way to glam up but also great for stockings! If you want to be a little bit more extravagant Glitzy Secrets Paradise Head band would look great on piled up hair. For budget subtle sophistication Accessorize elastic Triple Strand Metallic Brando will sort out unruly hair - pile it up and space out the bands - it's only £4. Don't panic get glitzy xx

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