Saturday 3 November 2007

Give and You Shall Receive

Chai Time Tea
Having gone to an amazing Halloween party at my sisters house I was reminded that Christmas brings out the hostess is many and this in itself can just add to the expense of the season. Finding suitable presents to give as a thank you for a party can be impossible. But Choi Time may have the perfect solution. Tea may not sound very exciting but is actually a great substitute for the usual chocolates - and special tea is pretty unbeatable. Choi Time sell imported blossoms from China. With Jasmine, Exotic Mixed Flowers and Thousand Year Red Flowers because you only have to use one or two blossoms a time these actually last ages. You can buy small pots from £7.50 - getting a few of these would be a great present reserve for those awkward moments when you get presented with a gift and have nothing with which to reciprocate - or there are gift sets with an assortment of teas, pots and glasses (from £28). Not only will these teas suit those anti-caffeine people but also are great for helping along your festive hangover, which will make your present even more appreciated the morning after. Pour on the hot water and watch the flower blossom. Not only do these teas have anti-aging properties and can help speed up metabolism but they are calming, provide the body with catechins (which help fight cancer), help digestion and get rid of free radicals.

A more girl-specific present but a great choice if you don't really know the girlie on the receiving end is Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, and Everything Glamour by RStyle A to Zoe by Rachel Zoeachel Zoe with Rose Apodaca. This is a beautifully presented book and actually looks really different from its competition not only is it great inside but it's format outside makes it a great coffee table book. Unlike the other style/fashion/beauty books out there this is written by a bona fide stylist. The tips in here are have celebrity photographic and anecdotal evidence to back it up - with glowing praise for Rachel on the back from the likes of Glenda Bailey and Liv Tyler. Covering vintage must haves, the red carpet, what poses you can pull off and what to wear the morning after this is the best of it's kind with out a doubt. xx

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