Sunday 29 April 2007

Aches and Pains

I’m sitting on my sofa after a lovely weekend of sun, picnics, booze and ponies. Yes ponies. Well horses to be precise and now I’m trying to think about what to write about and to be honest… sitting down is not the most comfortable thing in the world right now. Ok, I’ll start from the beginning. I used to ride horses a lot but stopped when I was about 17. Yes there were boys, A-levels and illicit drinking in the Threshers car park, and these somewhat diverted me from something I had always loved. Luckily Daddy B still has a trusty steed and today I was lent a lovely mare to ride. It was great to see the bluebells and literally be back in the saddle but I’m paying for it now. Or at least my bottom is. Coupled with a rather violent game of swingball in Regents Park on Saturday afternoon I’m aching in a way I don’t remember experiencing before. So, although I have two pieces forming about much more worthwhile and exciting things (skin care for the older Misses and what is actually in these products that we use), right now all I can think about is a hot relaxing bath. So today I’m going to see what is best for wallowing and all with Little Miss F listening to the accordion music on the Captain Pugwash site (don’t ask).

For Mother’s Day I got Mumma B Origins Ginger Float. You can just scoop a bit out with your hand and throw it in and for all you morning bathers out there Mumma says that’s when it is best. For something more long lasting Little Miss F, the bath Queen, recommends Neals Yard Geranium & Orange Bath Oil. It keeps your skin moisturised and although it smells a bit strange in the bottle it’s gorgeous in the bath. For a real treat you can go and hand pick yourself a Bath Ballistic from Lush. They aren’t as scary as they sound and it’s like choosing pick and mix. They change their ‘flavours’ quite often so I haven’t tried their most recent ones but I’ve picked out which I want. Golden Slumbers Bath Ball with Lavender and Camomile, Butterfly Ball Ballistic which smells of honeysuckle and has little butterflies inside, and Rose tinted Tisty Tosty with its supposed magic spells. All that would only be about £8!!

If you have sensitive skin you have to be really careful about what you put in your bath, although I find that this depends on what time of year it is. Very few things moisturise as well as Oilatum Plus Bath Emollient - 500ml. Designed for dry skin it contains no fragrances or emulsifiers it is like having a bath with nothing in it but the effect is noticeable. It also means you can use yummy soaps and not worry about them dehydrating you. The I Coloniaili Soaps (see treat of the week) are my favourite with the White Company a close second.

Radox are well known in the aromatherapy market. At home Mumma B always has my bathroom stocked with their Radox Herbal Bath Sleep Easy - 500ml with Lavender – well known for aiding sleep, something that often eludes me. But what I really need now is their Muscle Soap Herbal Bath Salts. I’m slightly suspicious of this because it is made with Thyme which I’m pretty sure I don’t want to soak in but I am sure that if anything is going to work this will. Maybe I’ll be daring and treat myself to some tomorrow. That’s if I can walk. xx

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