Monday 23 April 2007

Stop Press... or just stop!

This should be an amazingly fabulous post-nominations beauty bonanza. Nope, instead its a not so mini rant about the ongoing pavement perverts. Heading out for lunch with the striking Miss S (her legs are about 6ft alone), having re-applied my Benefit Kohl eyeliner and some Clinique lippy we were happily walking down the road chatting... as you do. Some guys were riding towards us on their bikes (and on the pavement as usual) and as the first one rode past he stuck his arm out behind him to take a photo of us with his phone. Not only did it nearly smack me in the face on the way past but I actually felt quite outraged and almost violated. Clearly we are to have no more personal space or privacy anywhere. Who is going to see these photo's and what purpose do they have? I dread to think.

I felt a bit better after lunch however, when, as usual, the strange male-redeeming karmic balance was restored when Miss G informed me that she had been surprised by her man with supper at Nobu for her birthday last night... I guess in that situation I wouldn't mind people taking my photo quite so much! xx

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