Saturday 3 March 2007

The Natural Look

Now I know it has all been a bit quiet on the Miss B front of late. Not only have I been suffering from a rather embarrassing illness but there has not been a lot to report on the terrifying world of celebrities. Britney has been in, out and back into rehab, Paris has cried at her birthday party, Liz Hurley got married and Charlotte Church is pregnant. But all in a very calm way. I guess that once you’ve seen a shaven headed Britney attacking a car with an umbrella dressed like an extra from Dodgeball everything else is bound to seem a bit tame.

I have also been applying for jobs and preparing for interviews which have forced me, against my will, to think slightly less about products and celebrities and more on my own charm offensive. The rest of my brain has been stuck on a new handbag and some grey suede stilettos. If anyone has any suggestions on where to get either I would be grateful. Not that I can afford to go and buy them but I am allowed to gaze in wonder and longing through shop windows.
So with all this too-ing and fro-ing, shop avoidance, self improvement and lack of funds what have I been up to beauty wise? Well I’ve been experimenting with the Natural Look! I’ve never been able to do it myself. I one of those more is more girls when it comes to make-up. Not because I am unaware that I look like I’m wearing a lot of make-up but because I like the look of myself all done up. I should say that as this is an anonymous website and therefore there are no pictures of me I do not look like Dame Barbara Cartland I promise. But, as I’ve said before, I don’t stint on the eyeliner and to be honest I rarely have the inclination to wear less.
That was until Miss M started seeing a guy from work, Mr N. I was living vicariously through their office flirting and illicit drinks. After a couple of months it was clear that Mr N was going to around for a while (they booked a holiday to Paris… Where’s my holiday??) Miss M decided the time had come. She could no longer go to bed war painted to the gunnels with a tube of mascara clutched at the ready. It was time to see if Mr N would stand the ground that lesser men had feared to tread. The morning after the night before... with no make-up.
Miss M takes after me in the will-not-leave-the-house-without-make-up stakes but there comes a time when every Mr has to see his Miss without the slap. Quite often, as was the case for me and the Mumma B (who claims to not have removed her mascara for the first year of marriage) the Mr in question does not notice this daring act of intimacy. But just in case we have an out. The Natural Look. Or the no make-up make-up as I like to call it (I was encouraged further when Miss G arrived at work completely sans make-up looking, and I am not kidding, absolutely stunning).
So what does Miss M rely on in times of no-make-up need? A touch of foundation on theMax Factor Masterpiece Mascara cheeks, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly No. 3 - 225g, mascara and blusher. Miss S smugly replied informed me ‘I always go for the natural look’. And she does. She always looks great and doesn’t take 3 hours to get ready (except when prising a wine glass from her hand!). She goes for Clinique’s Cream Shaper eyeliner in Brown Sugar, black mascara and some uncoloured lip balm. All three of us love Maxfactor's Materpiece mascara although, typical me, i've now opted for the new extra volume version. With this advice in mind I’ve been having an experBenefit Lemon Aidiment and I think I’ve come up with my ideal no make up make up.
  • Lemon Aid (of course) on the eyelids. You can actually just use this if you are going for the ultra natural look.
  • I always use foundation, especially at this time of year. I find that my skin does not look its best during the winter months if left to its own devices. I'm still hooked on Rimmel's Cool Matte 16hr Mousse.
  • Clinique Quickliner in Roast Coffee
  • Clinique’s Quickliner in Roast Coffee all around the eyes (lightly on the lower lids) and smudged about a bit. I still use quite a lot of definition on the corners of my eyes but as I’ve said before… I like looking like I have make-up on – I’m not one of the natural human wonders. But subtley and smudgily done this is a great 'natural' liner.
  • Vaseline Petroleum Jelly No. 3 - 225g. This is great for lips and eyes. If you use a touch on your eyelids then your eyeliner smudges up really well and it adds a touch of ‘natural’ shine.
  • A light dusting of Clinique’s Powder Blush in Innocent Peach.
  • Maxfactor’s Masterpiece Mascara
So go forth and be natural. Lets face it - it doesn't seem like the Mr's are going to notice it anyway xx


  1. I'm loving the no make up make up advice, the men love it and they don't know the trouble we go to to achieve it!

  2. I agree, but I am really quite lazy and if something takes ages I quite want it to really show.
    Very inquisitive about 'lemon aid' what is it and what should I be doing with it?

  3. Lemon Aid goes onto the eyelids before anything else. It neutralises the colour and helps the eyeshadow to hold


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