Thursday 22 March 2007

Business as Usual

I'm sorry there's been another hiatus with the old blogging. I was rather shocked about the murder of a teenager near where I live. At the risk of sounding a bit like everyone's grandparents, what is the world coming to.

But whilst I was ruminating on the state of the world, and this country, the celebs continued their lives in a delightfully typical and outrageous fashion. Britney is out of rehab, getting primary custody of the boys but joint custody with K-Fed, with whom she is now getting along! Bloody typical. They are pretty hormonal as couples go. Naomi Campbell not only turned up for her community service but was nice to the people she was working with. And Angelina Jolie has adopted another child. This time Pax from Vietnam. I'm sure that it is better to give an orphan the opportunity to have a good life. However, with the hectic schedules of major celebrities, it must be hard to have time to pay enough attention to their own children. Let alone integrating a family of adopted children into a totally different country, culture, language and lifestyle.

Now I know this is gross but something has to be said. For all of you who have maybe a little bit of a shoe problem and go for looks over comfort be warned. I love shoes, the pointier and higher the better. For years I have spent more money on shoes than anyone of a sane disposition but I can't help it. But oh boy am I paying for it now. It's official - I have a bunion, and it hurts. I am now relegated to the faithful ugg boots (which I resisted for so long) and a toe separator in a vain attempt at stopping it getting worse. So here are some ways to prevent being doomed to a life of lumpy feet (I'd like to point out that my feet are the best part of me. I wouldn't change them and now...)

Most large pharmacies have whole sections of weird and wonderful things dedicated to feet. There are literally hundreds of foot soaks, scrubs, moisturisers and 'accessories' out there so really the best thing to do is go and have a look. But where to start? Here are a few products I like and suggestions on how to keep your feet fancy free (because we call know we aren't going to give up the shoes) But before I start if you wear pointy high heels you can get toe separators from Boots which you can wear in trainers and stops your big toe moving.

Before you can do any proper foot maintainance remove your nail varnish, your nails need help too. Then, and believe me this is good, get a bowl and fill it full with hot water and foot soak, plonk it in front of your favourite chair, insert feet and say 'ahhhh!'. Seriously, unless you splash out on a foot spa, not many things can be better than this. Boots Soothing Foot Bath which is medicated with witch hazel and mint and is a really great deal at £2.99. The Sanctury do a Relaxing Foot Soak with Lavender, Tea Tree and Green Seaweed which smells great and again amazing for £4.00 (also available in sachets). For something a bit more special Origins Foot Rest is no snip at £16.50 but this well last you a while and worth treating yourself with.

Once your feet are all soaked and smooth you can do your nails and the skin around your naOrigins Sole Searcherils (it'll be easier now they are softened). If you have dry skin investing in a foot file is gross but necessary and now would be the time to get filing. Scholl's Dual Action Foot File is a good choice. For something with a little less elbow grease why not use a foot scrub? The Sanctuary's Foot Salt Scrub not only exfoliates but contains essential oils so its not too abraisive and only £5.95 for a big pot. But, as always, Origins have something a little more pricey up their sleeves, and its a goodie. Sole Searcher is a soothing foot scrub with Lava Rock (!) and worth its £16.50.

Now when it comes to moisturisers even I don't know where to begin. For me there is only one thing for really, really dry cracked skin. Flextol Heel Balm doesn't look special but my god it's a miracle worker. For £5.50 its a real must for those be-flip-flopped feet. Scholl's Deep Moisturising Cream is a permanant fixture in my bathroom and its only £3.99. This not only works a treat it smells amazing. For a more intensive treatment they do an Intensive Night Treatment, this comes with socks so you don't even have to walk like a tipsy penguin after application!
L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream
Best value for money for a non-intensive moisturiser is Badger Foot balm 21g is £3.89 for a big pot. Or Garnier's Body Cocoon Foot Cream is just 10p more. But I for one am never likely to do things by half so for something a little more fancy (again with the Origins...) Reinventing the Heel is a thick cream with tingling Menthol and Shea Butter to smooth the cracks. But the be all and end all in footcare for me, is L'Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream 150ml. Its cheaper than Origins and oh my goodness its pretty unbeatable. For £14 its thick, soothing and smells incredible. I really recommend this for any feet!

So ladies, remember you can have the aesthetic pleasure without the pain, but you have to look after your feet because there's no glamour in hobbling. xx

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