Thursday 18 January 2007

Silence is Golden

I had a wonderful supper with my oldest friend last night (we've known each other since we were bumps). She informs me that the pavement perverts of Lamberth go for the direct approach rather than swerving at you or kissing their teeth they go for asking for your phone number of the street or clicking at you... as she said 'we're not ponies'. These guys are everywhere.

I got fed wonderful food and masses of brie before being sat down in front of this years Celebrity Big Brother which I have been purposefully avoiding. I am the nosiest person I know but the thought of adding myself to the list of people watching Jade Goody again was just too much for me. Plus every time I switch it on it seems to be celebrities seemingly miming over the sound of birds singing. That's the stuff I want to listen to!! But last night my Celebrity BB virginity was breached and I managed 20 minutes before being so enraged that I had to stop!

Who the hell does Jade think she is. I don't agree with all this racism stuff going on. I think people have got confused between racism and stupidity and the majority of people in the BB house seem to fall in the latter category with Jade as their Queen. We all appreciate telling people things to their face rather than bitching behind their back BUT this does not mean we think we have free reign to just scream in people's faces about stuff we know nothing about but on which we think we have authority. Last night Jade came up with Shilpa being arrogant and talking down to people and how this was wrong and much worse than Jade marching round slagging everyone off and making their lives a nightmare like she is special for being famed as the stupidest person to ever grace our reality TV screens. I ask you which is more superior?

I've been struggling on how to link this to beauty as jaw wiring can't be described as a beauty treatment so I thought we would focus on lips and hope that Jade Goody eventually learns to shut hers.

One product which I has been a permanent fixture in my beauty box is Body Shop Lip Scuff. This stuff is amazing. And to be honest, I know it sounds silly, but you reaThe Body Shop Lip Scufflly do need to exfoliate your lips. They (hopefully) get a lot of use and face the elements everyday so using this lip scuff once a week really really helps. If you are prone to chewing your lips this should also prevent too much tense biting! After this its best to use a really good moisturising lip balm for a couple of hours before applying lipsticks (I don't care what they say lippies do dry out your lips). My favourite lip balm is Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm. You can really feel it working and although its usually around £19Clarins Lip Balm, which I'll admit is not cheap for a lip balm, you really don't need to use very much and its worth every penny. Another great lip balm is This Works Lip Balm which is slightly cheaper and great to have in your handbag or at your desk.

There are some primers that you can put on before you get to the lipstick. Again Benefit fly to the rescue here with their Lip Plump which is a nude primer which not only gives you added pout but also holds the colour of your lipstick on well.Benefit Lip Plump

Once your lips are scuffed, balmed, primed and ready to go there are so many lip sticks, glosses and stains to chose from I really didn't know where to start so I set my team of Misses to work to find out what there favourites are. I love Benetint for everyday use. You can have it really red or just a dash of colour and now it comes in three formats (I smugly have all three) so you can have it in your bag. I've been living for Pocketpal at the moment which comes with its own gloss but be careful, this is a stain and there for can be quite dry on the lips. If you buy the lip balm version than this does add moisture and if you've been using the actual stain the balm can add a bit more colour and some moisture to.

So what did the girls have to say? Miss S says for lip treatment she uses Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream (they've bought out the lip version but I'd go for the original as its great for everything - can't believe I haven't mentioned this before!). For Miss F iMolton Brown Lip Boosterts Molton Brown Wonder Lips Booster and Miss M is not caught without a tin of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly No. 3 - 225g nearby. For those of us who can't spent lots of money on lip treatments you cannot lose with Vasaline not only can it be used for everything (some of my friends use it on top of their eyeliner to create smokey eyes) it is super long-lasting and is great if you find yourself off to a do lipstick-less. For colour Miss F recommends Body Shops Lip and Cheek Stain - this is great coupled with Vaseline for moisture. Miss L uses Boots Natural Collection Juicy Lips which come in loads of colours and look good over regular lip sticks.

Now lets face it glosses can be annoying. Your hair gets stuck in them and its redistributed around your face libPout Plump in Caramelerally wherever your hair sees fit. So my advice is apply at the last possible moment (i.e. on the tube or if you are like me outside the venue whilst your ditching your flats for the killer heels). Max Factor Lipfinity is great because it comes with its own gloss which really holds the colour in. You won't be needing to re-apply this for a while but my out and out favourite is Pouts Plump. It comes in three colours but I'd go for Caramel as this can be worn over the top of other colours as just a gloss or just by itself with for a hint of colour. Its worth spending the extra money because boy it works... and believe me you can feel it.

So go forth and pout ladies and remember if there's one thing we can learn from Jade, and believe me I think this is the only thing she can teach us, its think before you speak. xx

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