Monday 8 January 2007

2007 the year of the Man?

I'm sorry I know I'm due to do a post and there is one on the way asap. But I'm so outraged I had to write. I walk home from work (I admit I haven't quite been able to face walking into work). And three times I was almost run over but leering men and I'm no supermodel. The first was a young rudie on a bike who thought that mounting the curb when I was about to cross and kissing his teeth whilst swerving at me was going to make me hop on the back and demand a good seeing too before his homework. Crossing the road (with toes barely in tact) 3 guys in a white van lurched towards me. I'm sure I was supposed to drop my trousers and hop in the back shouting 'this is the best offer I've had in years'. Needless to say I didn't. I made it onto my road only to have another white van drive past and stop for the occupants to 'Way-hay' me and offer all kinds of services not mentioned on the side of the van.

I cannot understand what has happened to men over the years. Why is it ok for this to happen? I'm not offended by it (or flattered) and I'm in no way a raging feminist but I'm so bored of it. My suggestion for the men who think that this kind of behaviour makes us weak at the knees is get a grip and get a life. Ladies, (and boys) is there anyone out there who has ever found love thanks to a wolf whistle on a building site, or an aggressive wheelie down your paramour's pavement? I would try and link this to something beauty but we've decided that more make-up or less for these pavement perverts you can't win. xx

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  1. Aha Miss B, I quite agree. There are no cosmetic solutions to these sidewalk scoundrals....unless...we poke them in the eyes with our mascara sticks...but who can do that to a passing van load??


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