Tuesday 9 January 2007

Happy New Year

I hope you all bought the New Year in in style. We had a fabulous party which really couldn't have gone better. All our friends appeared laden with booze and festive fun and made it really the best New Year's Eve I've had in ages. I have to say though that having thought for a long about fabulous party make-up not only did I not get the piece out in time for New Year but I barely had time to get changed and made-up before the guests arrived.

We had a sit down dinner for 35 people made by me and my sister and our respective Mr's. Having spent ages cooking, laying the tables and beautifying the house we then cleared away (that's the bonus of using paper plates and cups and decorating tables), made a dance floor and partied til 11 on Monday morning. It was so much fun. Unlike the clear up the day after but we had moral support so it wasn't too horrendous.

I do have to say that for exciting party make-up you really can't beat Benefit's Show Off eyeshadow. If you do a thick line of eyeliner (BadGal is best for this) and then put on Show Off! (pictured) the colour change is amazing. also do Bourjois Suivez Mon Regard in Bleu insolite and Illuminateur du regard which change colour with eyeliner.

I know I'm a bit late for the big party of the year (or extremely early) but I hope these might help with cheering up those January blues. xx


  1. Thanks for the tip, I am sure there will be more parties to come, bring on Feb, January is too misrable. And my skin is a blotchy disaster after Christmas. Any suggestions?

  2. I know I have been suffering from the same. Foundation is the obvious solution but it is essential to get the right one. I love Rimmels Coole Matte foundation as its really smooth and not too thick. But your skin needs to be looked after before you put the foundation on. Face masks and peels are great for this and a good moisturiser is a necessity. xx

  3. thanks for the tip and thanks for a wicked party - you and J were amazing, and those puddings - mmm, kept me up 'til noon the next day.


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