Wednesday 16 February 2022

Physical Sunscreens

I was asked for recommendations of a lower-priced oil-free sunscreen in my Facebook group and I vowed to do my research. Now I don't use or recommend chemical sunscreens so these are all physical/mineral sunscreens. When you are looking for a mineral sunscreen the ingredients will be Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide and then nano or non-nano. This refers to the size of the particles, I prefer non-nano as this means less is absorbed into your system. I have of course done a YouTube video talking you through all of this

The pros of these are they are better for your skin, better for your body, better for the environment and can actually help a lot of problems such as sensitivity, prickly heat and eczema. The cons are they can leave a white caste or take longer to absorb. Below I've listed ones I would recommend checking out, I've put the pros and cons of each as I see them and whether I've tried them or not. 

☀️ Pai British Summertime - I've tried this one and it's the one I currently use if I am using an un-tinted sunscreen. Pros - absorbs well, nice ingredients, British brand. Cons - I don't love the smell but it doesn't linger

Pai British Summertime Sunscreen

☀️ Ren Clean Screen - I haven't tried this but it comes recommended by Gina who is my go-to for oily skin recommendations and she has contributed to the blog previously. Pros - mattifys. Cons - does contain alcohol which isn't necessarily bad but some don't like it

Ren Clean Screen

☀️ Tropic Skin Shade - available tinted or untinted - I wear the tinted version of this most days. Pros - reasonably priced, lovely finish. Cons - for some it sits on the skin and they can feel it (not for me but I have a tendancy to dry skin)

Tropic Tinted Skin Shade

☀️ Tropic Sun Day - I haven't tried this and it contains ingredients I'm not fully up on but they are reef safe. Pros - price and ingredients. Cons - you don't get the benefits of the zinc for your skin

Tropic Sun Day Sunscreen

☀️ Green People - a great alternative for those who are allergic as it uses Titanium Dioxide and they do this in a travel size and in a trial size so you can try before you commit to the full size. Pros - different size options, reasonable price. Cons - has some oils in which won't work for everyone

Green People Sunscreen

☀️ Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield SPF50 - haven't tried this one but I would if it didn't have dimethicone. It's lightly tinted which will even out skin tone. Pros - oil free, blue light protection, SPF 50, contains niacinamide. Cons - does contain dimethicone which can cause some skins to breakout

Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield

☀️ Sukin SPF 30 - i feel like you can trust Australians with the suncare stuff and this is a really great, green Aussie brand. Not overcomplicated on the ingredients. Pros - vegan, recyclable packing, good price. Cons - has some oils and alcohols which isn't to everyones taste but I think this is definitely worth a try

Sukin Sheer Touch SPF 30

Ultra Sun Anti-pollution Face Fluid - i've heard a lot of people rave about this. i'm not 100% sold on the formulation but lots of people think it's great so who am I to argue? Pros - cruelty-free, easy to get hold of. Cons - nano rather than non-nano. This one also looks ok

Ultrasun Face Fluid


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